Monday, June 11, 2007

Six easy ways to earn money with MyLot

If you are a frequent visitors to message boards, why not earn some easy money with it. MyLot

is a paid-to-post program, in which you earn with every post, comment or thread. Although the money is not big, but still it is worth consideration, especially keeping in view of the large number of subscribers to whom your postings are exposed to.

You can earn money with MyLot in several ways.

6. Get paid for every topic you start. Payout depends upon the activity generated in the topic. So start a topic of general interest. Avoid a similar topic already started. it decreases your payout.

5. Respond in ongoing discussions. Give your best, remember, best responses earn bonus.

4. Comment to a response and earn.

3. Referrals. Bring more members and earn upto 25% of their earnings. Although many people hate referrals, but believe me, this is the only tool, if you really want to make a serious money on MyLot.

2. Include a feed, if you own a website, you can include a feed related to keyword on your website.

1. Lastly, post photos related to different topics. The payout is good, but you have to have at least 500 posts to qualify for posting photos.

Consider to make money with MyLot if you are...

either, a regular contributor to message boards,

or, love referring products to others.

Click here to make a beginning.

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