Friday, June 22, 2007

Earn Money with GangsterGreed PTO program

GangsterGreed is yet another "PTO: Get paid to complete offer" site just like CashCrate and TreasureTrooper but relatively new. The offers are available to US residents only although others can make money through their one of a kind referral program. The payment delivery is fast, minimum payout level is low and the best part is availability of a robot, which fills out the surveys and informations for you just with a single click.

Nature: PTO (Get paid to complete offers)
Geographical Area: US, (international for the referral program)
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Schedule: Anytime on your request
Payment: Average payout is $1.5 - $2.0, payment done through paypal

In GangsterGreed, many offers are trial offers, which require you to test certain product or service. here you have to give your credit card information but you can cancel your registration within the free period. if you don't do that your credit card is charged. So, you have to be careful to cancel the registration within that period. Your chances to earn more increases in these cases because the payout is very good.

After completion of the offer, it has to be approved by the advertiser before the payments are released, and this process may take upto 2 weeks.

Referral Prgram: Unlimited levels - you earn 25% of your previous level. i.e. 25% for the first level, 6.25% (25% of 25%) for the second level, 1.56% (25% of 6.25%) for the third level and so on.

What's good:
  • Low minimum Payout
  • Definitely not a scam, check out this payment proof thread on their forum.
  • Fast payment delivery
  • High levels of payout

What's bad:
  • The condition of the approval of the advertisers before payment
  • The 2 week duration before advertiser approval
  • Restricted only for US

  1. To be considered, if you live in US. If otherwise, go for it only if you have a system to develop strong referral network.
  2. Set up a separate email address to avoid spam.
  3. Many offers may require you to give your phone numbers. You may consider signing up for a free virtual phone number with PrivatePhone to avoid excessive sales calls.

If you want to join GansterGreed, you can sign in here.


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