Thursday, June 14, 2007

Resource-a-day | Earn money on Internet by getting tips

Resource-a-day, is primarily a newsletter service, which sends you a newsletter daily, in which a few useful tips are given.

Resource-a-day makes money by stuffing about 3-4 ads from their sponsors in this newsletter and distributes this money to its users, in the form of sign-up amount of $10 and referral incomes.

The Product:

  • Nature: Read a free Newsletter, earn through referrals
  • Frequency: Once daily
How to make money, Two ways:
  • Earn $10 at the sign-up.
  • Referral Program: 4 stages; First stage - $0.4, Second Stage - $0.2, Third Stage - $0.05, Fourth Stage - $0.03
Deductions: $2 per cheque as processing fees.
Minimum Payout: $50
Payout: 15th of every month
Actual payout date: Two months after you cross minimum limit of $50.

  • A decent sign-up amount of $10.
  • A really useful newsletter on topic like a. advertising sources, b. softwares (Freeware and Shareware), c. E-books, d. How-to Reports, e. graphics f. cgi scripts, g. security web sources, h. html tutorials (webpage creation and design), i. all internet related articles and j. Financial resources.
  • The newsletter is interlaced with 3-4 ads from their sponsors.
  • Definitely not a spam like many other Paid-to-read or paid-to-mail programs which stuff your mailbox with junk.
  • 60 days wait period after crossing the limit of $50.
  • A long list of free and useful webtools, like website counters, link validator, Free antivirus, Keyword analyzer, web performance analyzer and many more from their sponsors.

Recommendation: To be considered, if you don't mind starting your day with something fresh and useful and also if you have a network through which you can generate referrals.

If you want to join this program, click here.

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